Academic Year 2019-2020

Vian Claire Erasmo
Guidance Counselor
MA Counselling (Miriam College)

Ma. Concepcion Estacio
Athletics Director
B Communication, Media Production (Assumption College)

Riza Estefani
Outreach Associate
AB Economics (De La Salle University)
DP Economics

Zarah Gagatiga
DP Extended Essay Coordinator
BSEd. Library Science (Philippine Normal University)

Mary Audrey Gineta
IB DP Examiner (Chemistry)
MS Chemistry (De La Salle University)
DP Chemistry; DP Physics

Grace Gorospe
IB DP Examiner (Filipino)
BS Education (Philippine Normal University)
MYP/DP Filipino

Floraida Guevara
MA Spanish Language and Literature (Centro Iberoamericano de Cooperacion, Madrid)
DP Spanish

Patricia Barbara Isidro
BA Economics and BS Secondary Education (De La Salle University)
MYP Individuals & Societies

Noel Isidro
BA Anthropology (University of the Philippines, Diliman)
DP Theory of Knowledge; DP Environmental Systems and Societies

Ana Larrauri
BA Public Relations (Mary Ward College, Spain)
MYP Spanish

Caterina Juan-Ledesma
Communications Associate
MA Media Practice (University of Sydney)