BA Student's Piece on Family Published in Philippine Daily Inquirer

Congratulations to our 11th grade student Liane Reyes on her recently published piece in the Youngblood section of the Philippine Daily Inquirer. We look forward to reading more of her published work in the near future!


"Everyone learns from his or her siblings, older or younger. In fact, we learn from most people—from their mistakes or successes, or the little things. We absorb, and absent-mindedly, we incorporate them into our lives, little by little or all at once...Learn from your siblings, and love them for that. Love them for teaching you, love them for learning from you. Watch them closely when they’re growing up, watch them grasp the world right before your eyes. From the older siblings they carve out a path that you have a choice to follow, and for younger siblings you have to be the one to carve a path." 

You can read the full piece titled 'Tres Marias' (+1) here

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