Learning Support Program

The objective of learning support is to assist in providing the students with additional tools and skills needed to cope with academic demands in school. The learning support teacher also assists other teachers by providing resources and classroom management strategies to facilitate the inclusion of identified students in all mainstreamed classes.

Supervised Study Hall

All DP students have a number of free periods in the week to be used to carry out the substantial work for the Diploma Programme. Students are required to designate 2 of their free periods for Supervised Study Hall, a process to be coordinated by the Diploma Programme Coordinator. When students demonstrate a need for help with organization and time management, they are required to designate a third supervised study hall. Supervised Study Hall will be available to all MYP students on Monday through Thursday right after class. Students may either:

1. Elect to attend if they need a quiet space in which to work

2. Be required by Advisers if a significant piece of work needs to get done

3. Be strongly recommended by subject area teachers if they are aware that a student struggles with a particular topic and needs to get some extra work done.

Academic Consultations

Teachers are ready to support students in their learning outside of class time. If you would like clarification or consultation in a particular class or subject area, simply approach your teacher at the end of a class and make an appointment to see them either after school hours or during academic advisory time if there is no whole school assembly on that week.

If there are no advisory, club, or class meetings scheduled, the 30-minute gap between end of school at 3:00 and the start of co-curriculars at 3:30 is meant to be used for this purpose. Students may also attend Supervised Study Hall when they need a quiet place to study.