The Academy's College & Career Counselors are available to provide guidance regarding higher education opportunities and programs, as well as to orient and assist students with applications to colleges and universities both locally and abroad.

The College Readiness Framework

The College Readiness Framework was developed by the Beacon Academy to provide sustained personal guidance to all students in their pathway to higher education. Its objective is to assist and provide students with the information, self-knowledge, skills and strategies involved in allowing a student to successfully apply to colleges and universities best fit for their strengths and interests. It is a framework that runs through all four years of the high school program.

At Grade 9, the framework focuses on the exploration of opportunities for students, in terms of possible education and career paths. At Grade 10, the framework moves towards cultivating an understanding of each student’s strengths and talents as aligned to their college plans. At Grade 11, strategies of applying to specific programs, colleges and universities are developed and applied. And at Grade 12, assistance and support in actual application processes are provided.

Cialfo Platform

The Beacon Academy uses Cialfo, a university guidance platform, that provides a system for integrating the tools that a student needs in college planning (see

Kuder Navigator Platform

The Beacon Academy uses Kuder Navigator (see., a career planning online platform to provide students the opportunity for career exploration in the context of their college applications.

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