Opening Day, August 13

What a relief it is that our school year has finally started! I write today the first of what I hope to be regular newsletters that contain important information and updates.

First, we will not have an Open House tomorrow, August 23rd. Our Open House for all families now is scheduled for Tuesday, September 4. On this day, we cordially invite parents to come to The Academy either in the morning or the afternoon, attend some informational sessions on the Academic programs and School Life programs, and attend a few classes. A separate schedule will be forthcoming by the end of this week.

The Beacon Academy school calendar sent to you lastMayhasbeenchanged. Thisisduetotheurgent need to find more class days, because with construction delays, flooding, and new national holidays, we have lostninedaysinthefirstterm. Whilethishindersthe learning of all students, it seriously impacts the 12th graders as they work to complete Diploma Program requirements in anticipation of May 2013 exams. On the last page of this newsletter, please see the new Beacon Academy calendar for the 2012-2013 school year. Please adjust your family calendars accordingly.

Here are the important highlights:


Wednesday, Oct. 31 Shortened Mid-term break by 1 day—Term 1 ends Oct. 31. Break begins at the end of the day on Oct. 31. This also aligns us with Beacon School who will start their break after classes same day.


Wednesday, Nov. 7 Regular school day—no early release
Thursday, Nov.15 Regular school day
Saturday, Nov. 17 Parent Teacher Conferences


December 13-19 Regular school days for MYP—no mid-year exams

Adapted school days for DP, regular classes, with subject-specific assessments each one day during that week


Wednesday Jan. 9 Regular school day—no early release

February: Shorten term break by one day—students continue classes through Thursday 2/21 Term break becomes 2/22-2/25


Thursday, March 7 Regular school day
Saturday, March 9 Parent Teacher Conferences


May 20-May 24 Regular school days for MYP —No exams;

Adapted school days for DP–11, regular classes with subject-assessments each one day during that week

The shortened first term also has necessitated an adaptation to our usual grading periods. Because we have only had one full week of classes, followed by two shortened weeks due to national holidays, the Academic Leadership Team has decided NOT to post advisory marks in early September. Instead, we will only notify parents where there is serious concern for a student.

Our updated version of the Student Parent Handbook assembled by our new Office of School Life should be available by the end of this week. This document will clearly articulate important pieces of information for all students and parents. Now that we have a Dean of Students, we have divided our school operations into some more specific areas, to make it easier for everyone. Any Academic issues will be managed by the Academic Office, headed by Mailin Locsin, Dean of Faculty, and the two Academic Deans/Program Coordinators, Mariles Matias for the MYP 9th and 10th grades, and Patrick Ong for the DP, 11th and 12th grades.