MYP English A

Students will develop skills in reading, listening to, and understanding a variety of text. They will use language to articulate own ideas and insight, and to express opinions, orally as well as in writing, constantly striving for fuller, more precise expression. Works read will reflect a diversity of voices and viewpoints, across a wide spectrum of time and space. This experience with a variety of literature will enhance an understanding of self and community, and engender a greater appreciation of what it means to be human. The course content will, through texts under study, be guided by a commitment to enhancing student imagination and originality while leading students toward a discovery of self and the world around is unwavering.

Grade 9

Foundations: Students write from experience and in response to literature. Writing is vivid, precise, and expressive of vigorous, expansive minds. Students begin to be aware of their different audiences and begin to see from varied perspectives. Reading will depart from the self to consider journeys, adventures, other worlds, and coming home.

Grade 10

The Variety of Literary Expression:  Students explore ways that writers have sought to express a wide range of viewpoints, ideas, emotion, through style as well as through form and genre. This course moves from critical analyses to a unit on creative writing and sustained expository writing.The course includes reading from a variety of styles, genre and time periods. Through this exposure, students will understand that literature changes over time and in response to issues and ideas. They sharpen their analytical skills through discussion and examination of text to understand how the stories work. Students will also strengthen their writing voices to explore the power of the written word.

Grade 11 & 12

DP Language A: literature

DP Language A: language & literature